Exercising on vibration machines helps relieving arthritis pain

In people with arthritis, the most recommended forms of physical activity are low-impact ones, and vibration machine training is a reliable and safe choice. Although different than fitness machines for strength workouts, vibration machines work on similar principles, meaning that they increase the load on muscles and bones.

How safe is it for an arthritis sufferer to undergo this form of training? Isn’t it dangerous for one to stand on a vibration machine if their joints are painful and stiff? Contrary to popular belief, exercising on vibration machines is actually beneficial for people dealing with arthritis, as this form of workout increases circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all tissues, including joints.

Then, vibration training strengthens the muscles and joint, improving balance and reducing the risk of fractures. It increases the lubrication of joints, improving flexibility and reducing stiffness. Also, whole body vibration workouts lower stress levels, enhance mood and support the functioning of the immune system by improving lymph flow.

Unlike conventional weight lifting exercises which often cause muscle damage and inflammation, making arthritis pain even worse, WBV exercises can activate more muscle groups at once, in a more thorough manner, so they’re less likely to cause muscle imbalances. Then, the intensity of the workouts can be controlled by the user by simply adjusting the frequency and amplitude, so the risk of muscle damage and overtraining is reduced.

Practice vibration machine exercises for better circulation and reduced pain

Vibration machines allow arthritis sufferers to practice low-impact exercises and they reduce pain and disability by increasing circulation and lymph flow, increasing the production of heat inside the body and mobilizing the joints. At the same time, this form of physical activity decreases muscle inhibition and improves flexibility, contributing to a better mobility and allowing one to perform various movements without experiencing discomfort.

Although proven to be safe and beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels, whole body vibration exercises are particularly suited for those who can’t perform regular workouts due to physical limitations, fragile bones, weak muscles or painful joint.

Existing studies show that exercising on a vibration machine for as little as 10 minutes per day, 3-4 times a week, can relieve the discomfort and improve the flexibility of joint by increasing circulation and lymph flow. While there are several factors that contribute to the occurrence of arthritis symptoms, one of these is the accumulation of excess uric acid in the joints. This acid favors inflammation and causes stiffness and swelling, making it difficult for one to move and exercise without accusing pain.

Whole body vibration training provides the needed stimuli for improving the flow of lymph and blood circulation, and helping the body flush out the waste products and toxins, including the excess uric acid. If you’re suffering from arthritis and are looking for a safe, low-impact alternative to classical workout, you should give whole body vibration training a try.


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