3 myths about vibration machines

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding vibration machines, partially because these fitness tools are a strong competitor for conventional gym equipment, and people are starting to learn about the benefits of exercising on a vibration machine.

Although initially lots of the producing companies have marketed their vibrating platforms as weight loss tools, it’s been proven that not all WBV devices are capable of providing significant results in terms of body composition and fat loss.

Moreover, studies have shown that the benefits of vibration machines are not limited to changes in body weight and body fat percentage; these devices have been proven to exert positive effects on muscle strength and bone density, on flexibility, posture and balance, on blood and lymph circulation, and have been shown to be efficient in lowering blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cortisol production.

But despite all the studies available out there, there are still false commercials about vibration training, and companies that misinform, so let’s take a look at three of the most common myths about vibration machines.

1. Vibration machine exercises have the same effects as occupational WBV

This statement is false. Occupational whole body vibration is harmful, but vibration training is a completely different thing, as it’s done in a controlled environment with frequency values that were proven to be safe for humans, and for a short time interval – 10-15 minutes per session.

Occupational vibration is cumulative over time, while exercising on a vibrating platform lacks this characteristic, as the frequencies used for this form of physical activity represent the resonance frequencies of the internal organs. Most of the studies done on WBV showed that this form of workout has no side effects when practiced correctly.

2. Vibrating platforms are not safe for the elderly

This is also false. If you have the curiosity to do your own research, you’ll find dozens of studies done on older people, all of them showing that vibration machines are absolutely safe and beneficial for the elderly. People with weak muscles and bones can benefit from this form of training, as unlike conventional exercises, vibration workouts are a low impact activity that minimizes the risk of fractures and improves one’s strength.

Moreover, WBV was proven to improve the flexibility and balance of older people, to help in regulating blood pressure and to speed up the recovery after various injuries. Vibration machine exercises were proven to be safe even for people with implants and for those undergoing rehabilitation programs for chronic conditions.

3. Vibration machines can impair circulation

Lots of people avoid vibration training because they think WBV platforms have negative effects on blood flow and blood pressure, but research has shown that this form of workout is actually beneficial and very effective in stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph. By increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage, vibration machine exercises contribute to faster recovery from injuries, decreased water retention and improved delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tissues.